Get Windows 10 for Free!!

Yes, you can get Windows 10 for free and it’s totally legal.

We all know that with the launch of Windows 10 it was made free to upgrade from a win 7 PC. But even if you want to use fresh new windows you can do that.

So first you need to go to Microsoft’s website and download the “Create Windows 10 installation media”

windows download.JPG

When you run this you will be prompted with the licence agreement.


Then select the create installation media option.
Select the language, edition, and architecture or go for use recommended for this PC.


Then select media to use.

select media win10

If you know how to burn an iso you can download the iso or just select USB flash drive.
then select the USB drive you want to install windows to.

select drive
(Make sure to backup the data on that drive)

After this you just let it do its work.

download windows.JPG

When it is done you will have bootable Windows 10 flash drive.
Go with the installation process and skip the key.

The installed windows will be fully functional but you will see a watermark on the bottom of your desktop saying “Activate the Windows”
Further, the personalization menu will not be functional.
Rest all things will similar.

Pro tip:

You can remove the “Activate the Windows” watermark by applying for Windows Insider program. Which will send some of your usage data to Windows.

You can change the background from the Photos application.


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