Game for Windows for Free!!

You wanted games for your Windows 10 PC. So here they are.
Ok, so these game are not any pirate these are officially downloadable from the Microsoft store for free.

Usually, I don’t use store but I randomly opened the store and started looking for games in the store and I felt that these are pretty good games which are available for free.

So just Open the store application go to games and the to Top free.

Then browse game according to your flavour and then download.

Thats it.

Some of my selections include:


Shadow Fighter 2

Screenshot (31).png

Hill climb racing

Screenshot (23).png


Dungeon Hunter 5

Screenshot (24).png

Hills of Glory 3D Free

hills of glory.JPG


Beach buggy racing

Screenshot (25).png

Sonic Dash

Screenshot (26).png

Tiny Troopers 2

Screenshot (27).png

Order & Chaos 2

Screenshot (28).png

Jetpack Joyride

Screenshot (29).png

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Screenshot (30).png

Do remember that these are free games so accept them the way they are.

But to my opinion, they are actually very good.



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