Google Tricks ..

So Google is the most famous search engine. And we use it almost daily Yet there are a Google tricks that you might know.


Setting a timer.

Well Yes, this is pretty simple yet if you start using this you could manage your time more effectively. It will start beeping as you hit the timer.JPG

Weather update.

You will say we all know that we can search the weather with help of google but wait, Google makes it more interactive. just try asking Google “should I carry an umbrella today” and look the result.

google weather.JPG


So converting with Google is very easy
just tell it like convert 15 meters to cm.

google save.JPG
And you can also convert currency with this and if you want the currency to be converted to your nation’s currency you don’t have to specify the country Google does it on basis of your country.

google convert 2.JPG

You can even translate between translate.JPG


Ya, you don’t have to open calculator again and again just search it and Google will tell you the answer.

google calculator.JPG

Search image

You can simply search by dropping images to your search and you will see the images related to the uploaded images.

google image search.JPG

Want something insane

Type and Search

Do a Barrel Roll

google barrel roll.JPG

Don’t have a coin to flip ( Just hit flip a coin…)

google flip a coin.JPG

Zerg rush
( Do tell me your High score 😛 )

google zerg rush.JPG

Wanna play arcade Pacman ??

Search for Google Pacman

google pacman.JPG

There is still a lot so do check this link.

google mirror.JPG


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