Windows utility

So I have been writing about utilities for windows but I realised that there are many utility software’s that are included in Windows.

Windows defender

So if you are a moderate user and don’t want to go in the hustle to find an antivirus then the defender handles it for you.
And you don’t have to install it comes installed in Windows 10.
But if you need an antivirus for free do check this link.

windows utility 1.JPG


If you are using a traditional hard drive (the one that spins) then you must be familiar with defragmenting your drive.
It will increase the speed of reading and writing on your hard drive.
But if you have an SSD installed then you do not have to worry about defragmenting.

windows utility 2.JPG


Steps Recorder

So if you are helping your friend with some software or you want to share a tutorial for helping others steps recorder will record steps for you.

windows utility 3.JPG

Windows Memory Diagnostic

If you are facing a problem with your storage than Windows Memory Diagnostic would be there for your help.

windows utility 4.JPG

Zip- Unzip files

So yes you can zip and unzip files without any other software.
Just right and look for share and there you select compress
and then you will get the zip of your files.
Zipping and unzipping.

Screenshot (43).png


System Info

This simply lets you know what are the hardware components in your system. It tells you
System Summary
Network Adapter
Storage Drives
This way you know whether the software is supported by your hardware.

windows utility 5.JPG



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